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Could someone ever say for sure that he or she will never require an emergency locksmith solution beyond business hours? This is simply not possible. Your car door might refuse to open after a late-night rave party with friends. You might haplessly lockout the home door in the early hours with no way to enter. Accidents do not consult the ephemeris and nor does Locksmith Key Store in Venice, FL area. We have never conformed to the 9 to 5 slot in the last 10+ years of services that we have been offering to residents and business across the locality.

Why do you require 24-hour emergency locksmith solution?

We just enumerated one of the scenarios earlier, but there might be any number of reasons to call our emergency locksmith service. Extraction of broken key, emergency lock replacement after the vandals breaks inside your premises, new key making, and damaged entry door lock repair services. In these situations 24-hour intervention is just what you need. Sometimes, after hours might be a convenient time to resolve lock and key problems. Here too emergency locksmith service might come in handy.

What is the extra cost of calling emergency locksmith?

Being a 24-hour service provider many clients ask us whether we charge an additional fee for services rendered during the traditional after hours. You will be happy to know that we do not charge a single penny extra for late-night visits or early-morning intervention. Customers across Venice, FL call us the most dependable emergency locksmith. The time of the day doesn't matter, we will be where you are within 15-20 minutes. How is this possible? The mobile team remains prepared in anticipation of call to the help desk. Irrespective of your location, chances are that one of our workshops will be near to where you are currently.


Our firm believes in offering cost-effective emergency locksmith service every time. Thus, instead of breaking-in and destructive measures we undertake nondestructive methods of lock opening. Also, there is the constant debate between repair and replacement when it comes to damaged, worn out locks. When something is beyond repair and extremely old we can’t do anything else but replace. Otherwise repairing of locks is what we prefer so that you get the expected results without spending too much.

When you are looking for ready-solutions in Venice, FL, our emergency locksmith service is what you want. Call us now!