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Business owners have different needs than homeowners, so Locksmith Key Store offers various commercial locksmith services that address your needs and protect your assets and people throughout Venice, FL area. We service any commercial client, including:

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  • Shopping Complex
  • Business Outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Living Care Centers
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Cafes

Locksmith Key Store doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all options for businesses. Depending on your workspace, the amount of public access and the nature of your business, we will recommend a customized plan that fits your needs and alleviates any concerns. The commercial security experts at Locksmith Key Store are highly trained and skilled in a number of locking systems. Our custom solutions will make your businesses more secure and you will be able to concentrate on your business worry free.

Some businesses are more concerned about internal theft, while others want to ensure the safety of their employees who come into contact with the public. For many, deterring break-ins and thefts is the top priority. Fortunately, there is a myriad of options available, from custom solutions to high-tech locking mechanisms. Our range of high-security locks is perfect for businesses who want restricted access. Using master key and sub-master key systems you can choose which employee gets what level of access. 

Locksmith Key Store provides the pros in master key systems, which can be the perfect solution for commercial properties with numerous doors, such as hotels, office buildings. A single master key will control every lock, and sub-master keys will be created specifically for certain areas. You decide which employees can enter which areas. With this option, we also pledge to be there in an emergency should a master key get into the wrong hands or be misplaced.

Advanced locking systems like keyless entry locks, keypad locks, and digital locks can make your premises more secure and you won’t have to install access control systems. You get added security through these systems and like master and sub-master key systems; you control who can and who will be able to enter the premises. Keypad locks are perfect for places like banks where the banks have vaults that have highly restricted access. Keypad locks only allow people with the right password to access the vault. Get in touch with us and we will give you a detailed description of advanced locking systems.

Our commercial locksmith services include the following:

Locksmith Key Store Venice, FL 941-467-3608

  • 24 – hour locksmith services
  • Service in Venice, FL area
  • Custom solutions tailor -made for your business
  • Office lockout help
  • Key cutting and key duplication services
  • Emergency unlock of file cabinets, mailboxes etc
  • High-security locks installation
  • Master key systems setup
  • Installation of digital locks
  • Restricted keyway systems
  • Installation of keypad and keyless entry locks
  • Repair and installation of file cabinet locks
  • Installation of push bars, panic bars and other exit locks
  • Magnetic locks and deadbolt repair and installation

We have a dedicated crew of commercial locksmiths who have served the local businesses for more than ten years. They have formed a good working relationship with the clients. Along with installing and repairing locks and keys, our crew has also assisted many businesses with the setup of lock systems from scratch. We assess their premises and do a detailed check of all their current systems. Based on our findings and their inputs, we suggest the best security lock and key system for their business. These tailor -made systems are best, as they are made specifically for your business only.

The commercial locksmiths at Locksmith Key Store take the security of your business seriously, and we are committed to helping you select a plan that works for you. Don’t leave it to chance. Call us on 941-467-3608 and give us the privilege to serve you.